3M Peltor (Czech Republic/USA)

3M Peltor (ČR/USA)Professional hearing protectors for the military and police. The newest ComTac XPI headset with voice menu and ComTac ACH Headset (Advanced Communication Headset) with gel cushioning. Models: headband, helmet attachment and neck band. Standard dynamic microphone on the arm with screw-in jack to fix the desired position. Flexible "gooseneck" microphone and bone conduction microphone which is sensing the voice vibration from the face and allows the user to wear the chemical protective face mask at the same time. Connection to the standard radios: Harris (AN/PRC 148/152/117), Thales, Matra G3, DICOM, Motorola etc.

Possibility to combine single items from different manufacturers and any kind of custom modification according to customer requirements (e.g. tear off connectors). Expertise consultation and free lending of products samples for testing. Delivery of the whole range of 3M Peltor headsets and accessory including products which are available in the USA only (e.g. ComTac ACH Headset and gel ear cushions).

Link to the manufacturer pages: solutions.3mcesko.czwww.3M.com

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