NEW: Tactical holder for up to 20 lightsticks (video)

CYALUME® ChemLight® (chemical light) for demanding tasks during all military missions and training, available in both the visible and infrared spectrum (some IR products subject to ITAR directive).

Basic information about the CYALUME® chemical light

CyalumeActivation of the lightstick is achieved by slight bending both ends, this breaks the thin inner ampoule which contains one set of safe chemistry. A short shaking of contents will start the chemical reaction or chemiluminescence. The result is visible light for a specified period of time. It is a "cold light", the reaction does not generate any heat, spark, flame or smoke. Functionality and total safety is ensured in all conditions: wind, rain, underwater (used by divers with great success) and in areas where there is danger of explosion (ammunition depots, gas leaks, tunnels, petroleum fumes – car fleet, combat vehicles, aviation technique etc.) or fire. CAYLUME® ChemLight® lightsticks meets NATO military standards and specifications and each product bears the NSN (NATO Stock Number), duration and expiry date. Warranty period is 4 years (IR 3 years).

Chemical light characteristic

  • Easy activation
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, does not contain phthalates, ATEX certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, REACH and CLP certification
  • Maintenance free
  • Light visible from up to 1 mile
  • 100% functionality in all conditions: wind, rain, underwater

Typical applications

  • Traffic control, route marking (see lightstick accessory – Direction/Traffic Handle)
  • Vehicle identification, accident place marking, car and other military technique repair
  • Landing areas marking (15" lightsticks along the runway or placed in the "T" pattern)
  • Air rescue (S.O.S.® Signaling & Rescue Light on lanyard, visible from up to 3 miles, used as standard equipment for American jet fighter pilots)
  • Marking of safe passage in wire fences and mine fields
  • UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) marking
  • Kits for demining
  • Mine simulation during training (Surface Trip Flare)
  • Personnel marking during training (VisiPad®, LightShape® (3” self-adhesive circles), mini lightsticks)
  • Marking of objects – "cleared" , dangerous places and persons (self-adhesive VisiPad® that can be written on with a standard marker)
  • Triage of wounded and arrested persons (VisiPad®, LightShape® and FlexBands, color resolution according to the severity of injury)
  • Crossing of waterways, people rescue and divers identification
  • Room and object search (emit light in 360° - instantly illuminates all room corners; eliminate attack of concealed foe / by use of a flashlight – light cone)
  • Surveillance and security of places (Surface Trip Flare, IR lightsticks can be used too)
  • Reliable replacement of flashlight (duration up to 24 hours)
  • Parachuting (person identification, altimeter/compass illumination)
  • Helicopter rope abseiling - tactical heliborne insertion of troops (two 15" lightsticks attached to the end of abseiling rope signals to the abseiling commander the rope has just touched the ground – to give a command for abseiling)
  • Airborne drop supplies (15” lightstick activated by hitting the ground - self activated IMPACT® lightsticks)
  • Emergency lighting of objects, ammunition and fuel depots (S.E.E.® System and LightStation®)
  • Emergency situations: floods, terrorist attacks, power outages, industrial accidents
  • Infrared lightstick for a special operation (SWAT) by use of night vision devices and googles
    • Paratroopers identification during free fall, landing area marking, supplies drop
    • SWAT operation
    • Non visible signal for action start (e.g. negotiation unarmed soldier with an armed person)
    • Negotiation with kidnappers, passing things, etc.
    • Marking of vehicle, item or person for tracking (ToTal IR® Tag, Track & Locate Infrared Light Emitting Powder)

Razorback™ Safe Lane Marking System

Safe Lane Marking for contaminated zones or mine fields passing. Mounted on military vehicles. Possibility of Razorback™ practical demonstration in Great Britain. Link to video demonstration of use here.

Deliveries of Military CYALUME® chemical lights to Czech Police and Army only.

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